How To Create A Cottage Kitchen

Many homeowners want a modern and contemporary style kitchen these days. However, the cottage kitchen has never gone out of style. 

If you are looking to update your kitchen but you want to steer clear of the glossy white cabinets, stainless steel appliances and marble countertops, look no further. The cottage style of kitchen will never date. 

Even if your kitchen is small, utilising the cottage style will make a statement and give it loads of character. Think oak worktops, modern farmhouse style accessories, 1930s doors. 

Wicker Furniture

Wicker is a versatile material that will keep your home looking modern, yet classic. Moreover, it is easy to find in high street shops or even in charity shops. It will provide any room with texture, warmth and cosiness. 

Add some wicker baskets to the kitchen to store fruit, vegetables, bread or even laundry to create a cottage feel. 

Porcelain Crockery

If you want to add a cottage feel but you’re working to a budget, why not just update your crockery. Add some porcelain plates and dishes to your collection. Moreover, floral teacups and jugs can also add a country element to your kitchen. 

Open Shelving

Whilst most people like to hide their clutter in cupboards and drawers, why not embrace it instead? Add some open shelving to the walls in your kitchen and stack up plates, pots, pans for a cottage vibe. Moreover, if you’re a fan of wallpaper and you’re feeling brave, put some floral patterns behind the shelving for the ultimate cottage feel. 

If you’re not convinced about open shelving, stick to utilising the cupboards and cabinets for storage. Spruce them up by painting them in muted tones to enhance the English heritage. 

Cottage Kitchen Dining Space

If your dining table lives in the kitchen, mismatch old wooden chairs around the rustic table to enhance your cottage style. Moreover, place a vintage radio on the table, some floral placemats and dainty cutlery. 

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