What Colour Window Frame Should You Choose?

Several years ago, a colour window frame wasn’t an option. Window frames were available in white or mahogany in most cases. 

However, uPVC and Aluminium frames are now available in an assortment of colours. With over 150 options to choose from, how do you choose which colour window frame will look best? This article will help you to decide. 

Does It Matter What Colour Window Frames I Have?

Quite a lot of people stick to what they know. And when that comes to window frames, it means sticking with the old faithful: white or brown. 

Windows are a significant part of every home. They are one of the first things people see on the approach to your house. So why not make your home stand out? 

Think about how you want your home to look to other people. Think about the colour of your brick or rendering, the colour of your front door or garden gate. You may also want to consider what colour your neighbour’s windows are too. 

Darker Colour Window Frame

More and more people are choosing darker colours when it comes to window frames. Black and anthracite grey are the most popular choice of late and provide a modern and contemporary look to any home. 

A darker colour window frame looks smooth, classic and uniformed. 

Neutral Colour Window Frame

Perhaps you’re changing from a mahogany brown, and now you want a cleaner look. White uPVC frames can do just the job of making your home look brighter and lighter. 

Moreover, maybe you already have a white colour window frame, and you’re simply replacing it with new. White is timeless and will tie in with the rest of your neighbourhood no matter what. 

Bright Colours

If you’re daring and looking for a complete change, why not opt for something that will make your windows stand out above the rest? Chartwell green is on the rise and will add a fresh, vibrant look to your home. 

Gloss Versus Matte Frames

Furthermore, the look you’re going for will depend on the finish you want your frames to have. 

Glossy frames look brighter, deeper and more distinct. Moreover, matte frames are more refined and blend in.


When picking a colour for your window frame, don’t forget to consider all your options. Consider what will look best and what will match the rest of your home and neighbourhood. 

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