What Is Double-Glazing?

Most homes across the UK benefit from double-glazing when it comes to windows. 

Homeowners have been upgrading their single-glazed units for years. But do you know what double-glazing is and how it works? 

This article will help you understand the importance of double-glazed windows. Moreover, this article will discuss why you should upgrade to double-glazed windows or replace them if they are not performing. 

What Is Double-Glazing? 

A double-glazed unit contains two sheets of glass that sit within a frame. The frame can be uPVC, Aluminium or Timber. 

Furthermore, between the two layers of glass is a gap filled with argon or krypton gas. The gas works as a vacuum and slows down the heat transfer between the glass. 

Moreover, when cool air from outside hits the outer pane, it transfers to the gas-filled gap.

When the double-glazing is in working order, this cold air will not reach the internal pane. If condensation forms on the inner pane, the double-glazed unit could be failing. 

What Are The Benefits Of Double-Glazing? 

Double-glazed windows are cost-effective. Moreover, double-glazing is an energy-efficient choice for your home too. It lets light in and maintains warmth. Furthermore, it can help reduce the cost of energy bills. 

Single And Triple-Glazing

Single-glazed windows are being replaced rapidly throughout the UK. With single-glazing, the cold air transfers through the glass and into the home. Whereas, with double, it gets trapped and dissipates within the gas-filled gap. 

On the other hand, triple-glazing is similar to double, but it has three panes instead of two. Moreover, triple-glazed windows are much more costly. Furthermore, they are not much more energy-efficient in comparison to double-glazed. 


Double-glazing is one of the most energy-efficient and affordable choices when it comes to windows. It is a versatile product that has continuously proven to benefit homes across the UK. 

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