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Front Garden Ideas: How To Spruce Up Your Kerb Appeal

People tend to invest in their home’s interior and can sometimes neglect the exterior. Yet, first impressions and kerb appeal are paramount. Here are some more front garden ideas to spruce up your homes kerb appeal.

Driveways And Paths

The first of our front garden ideas is to maintain and focus on the upkeep of your driveway and paths. A budget-friendly way of doing so is to jet wash. Driveways and pavements can get dirty quickly and easily. However, a pressure washer can lift the grime and restore the pavement to looking new. 

uPVC, Wooden And Composite Front Doors

Another of our front garden ideas is to focus on your front door. Many people have uPVC front doors, but composite doors are becoming more popular. 

If your door is uPVC, ensure you keep it looking clean. Wiping any marks can help your home look tidy. 

If your door is wooden, it may need a lick of paint to freshen it up. Pick a colour that will complement your home.

As discussed in one of our articles, composite doors have many advantages. Moreover, another of our articles discusses how the style and colour of your composite door can enhance your kerb appeal. Furthermore, composite doors can modernise homes too. 


If you’re lucky enough to have space for plants, shrubbery, or a front lawn – add some foilage. Moreover, this front garden idea is ideal for improving your kerb appeal if you’re on a budget. Invest in some hanging baskets or a seasonal wreath for your front door.

Other Front Garden Ideas

Taking care of your windows and cleaning them can make your home look more welcoming. Moreover, even updating your blinds and curtains can transform your home. 

Another front garden idea for sprucing up your kerb appeal is to repaint any fences and gates. Furthermore, if they are stained brown, why not try a different colour? Grey and duck egg blue are becoming more popular. 

Achieving kerb appeal doesn’t have to be expensive or a difficult task. Cleaning, painting and planting can make a massive difference to your front garden. 

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