Lucky Items To Keep In Your Home

Are you superstitious? Do you practice feng shui? Or do you carry traditions into your home? Do you have lucky items?

The rituals and quirky beliefs that come with owning lucky items are a way of letting old wives’ tales live on and bring charm to your home. We have developed a list of the luckiest items you can have in your home to ease those superstitions you may have. What’s wrong with a little bit of spirituality within the home?

Fresh Flowers

The laws of feng shui suggest that having a fresh bunch of flowers in the home will bring positive energy and aura to the house and those within. So the next time you are at the supermarket, don’t forget to treat yourself to this so-called lucky item.

Horse Shoes As A Lucky Item

A popular symbol of luck is a horseshoe. Hence, the Irish strongly believe that a horseshoe that creates a U shape should be hung above your front door. Moreover, doing so will mean your luck will never run out. However, the French argue that hanging the horseshoe upside down is luckier, as the luck will rain down on all who pass the threshold.

Dreamcatchers As A Lucky Item

Native Americans believe that keeping a dreamcatcher above your bed will capture the evil spirits whilst you speak and will encourage good fortune for you. If nothing else, dreamcatchers are a lovely addition to any bedroom.

Paint Your Front Door

Another law of feng shui suggests that any south-facing front door should be painted a bright red or shade of orange. However, north-facing doors should be blue or black. West-facing doors should only ever be grey or white, whilst east-facing front doors should stick to a brown or green colour. Doing so will encourage good luck.

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