Patterned Glass Options For Windows

Patterned glass, or decorative windows, are used on almost all homes. 

Glass is prominent at the front and the back of the home for windows and doors. It can be plain, frosted or decorative. Moreover, frosted and patterned glass appeals to the eye and can also prevent anyone from peering in.

Furthermore, decorative windows and doors can add personality to a home. The various styles on offer are detailed below. 

Frosted And Etched Patterned Glass

If you’re looking to obscure the view into your house, frosted glass works well. For example, in bathrooms, the frosted glass will blur the appearance of things if anybody looks through it. 

Furthermore, if minute cuts are made into the glass, a decorative design will be etched onto the window. Moreover, this can be more expensive but will make the glass look premium and contemporary.

Stained Glass Windows

When you think of a church, you probably think of stained glass. However, stained patterned glass is also a decorative option for your home. 

If you’re looking for a windowpane with a hint of colour, stained glass is the best choice for you. Throughout the manufacturing process, the addition of metallic salts adds a splash of colour. 

The glass can incorporate a single colour through to detailed art and images. 

Bevelled Patterned Glass

Furthermore, if you’re looking for something a bit different, bevelled glass might be ideal. Instead of being a plain pane, the glass has shapes and edges to create diamonds, squares, circles and teardrops. 

Moreover, this style of patterned glass lets more natural light flood the home. The angles and edges can reflect and refract light too. 

Reflective Glass

Instead of a pattern, you could opt for reflective glass. These act as a mirror on the outside, meaning nobody can see inside. However, you can still see out. 

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