Coloured Composite Doors

What Coloured Composite Door Should You Choose? 

Composite doors are sustainable, durable, secure and low-maintenance. Furthermore, composite doors are versatile. You can design your composite door to your specification. Moreover, you can choose from a range of styles and colours for your ideal composite door. What coloured composite door would you choose?  

How Many Types Of Composite Doors Are There?

The style of the door you choose will usually depend on what you like. Furthermore, your composite door will depend on the exterior and interior of your home. Finding a door to suit the aesthetic of your home is paramount.

If you want your home to look traditional and cottage-like, arches and panels can help. Door knockers, golden handles and glass designs can also add to the overall look of the composite door. 

However, if you prefer the modern designed front door, your choices are more flexible and often based on colour.

What Colours Do Composite Front Doors Come In?

There are loads of different colours to choose from when picking your door. Within those colours, there are various shades too. The RAL colour chart is the standard chart used across the industry. RAL colours offer several more options for your door composite. 

Black And Grey Coloured Composite Doors

A black coloured door composite is one of the most popular choices. Black stays clean and doesn’t age. The colour is rich and sharp but can add a sense of sophistication to your home. 

Grey coloured composite doors are not too dissimilar to black. Grey features in many people’s households. It’s the centre colour of most people’s interiors. So, why not incorporate the colour to the exterior too? Anthracite grey is contemporary, sleek and a strong choice. 

White Coloured Door Composites

White is a classic choice. A colour that doesn’t age. It’s clean, fresh and welcoming. Furthermore, white composite doors convey newness. So this colour may be ideal for a new home! 

What Is The Best Colour For A Composite Front Door?

If you want your home to stand out, opt for a more vibrant colour instead. Vibrant colours will brighten up your house and reflect your personality too. 

Yellow is the most striking colour of them all. It’s a rare choice, but it’s uplifting, welcoming and optimistic. 

Red is more traditional. However, its dominance will set your house apart from the others in your street. A red coloured composite door reflects passion and energy. 

Blue is elegant and reflects calmness and peace. This coloured composite door reflects intelligence and tranquillity. Despite blue being one of the cool colours, a blue coloured composite door is just as welcoming as a warmer colour. 

Green coloured composite doors are ideal if you have a front garden. Furthermore, they work well with planters and hanging baskets near your door. Green is associated with nature, so feels traditional yet fresh. 

An orange coloured composite door is a bold statement. It’s not the easiest colour to pull off, but it can provide a warm yet fun and adventurous feel about your home.

Purple is one of the richest colours. Furthermore, it can add character and tie the exterior and interior of your home together. When choosing a purple front door, you can opt for vibrant tones or more subtle tones. A more subtle purple will incorporate a hint of brown. 

If you want your door to reflect your personality but don’t want a bright colour, why not choose pink? Pink is fun and warm and is becoming a nationwide favourite. But, pink is softer and welcoming, making your home look approachable. 


Guests base their first impressions of your home on the front door. There’s no better way to make a lasting impression than with an eye-catching composite door. If you’re wanting to know more about composite doors, check out our article regarding their benefits here.

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